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tor browser у java mega
скачать тор браузер на русском для пк mega

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Tor browser у java mega браузер тор и как им пользоваться mega

Tor browser у java mega

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Плохо! как устанавливать тор браузер mega2web талантливая

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You can checkout the Sample code here The easiest way is to use maven and include the following dependency into your pom. Improve this answer. B4dT0bi B4dT0bi 2 2 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. I use the following code to have TOR on my Java applications. Also there is already github. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.

Email Required, but never shown. Browse other questions tagged vidalia java or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog. The robots are coming… but when? Ep Spoken like an individual who be lives in the rule of law. Have they ever had the opportunity to see the inside workings of governmental systems. On the top end we have the Feds who "regulate" some saw fix the market. A city may decide to improve their coffers by taking your property.

What are people saying? Hope being frank is tolerated. Otherwise ta. And TBB would have shown a red or yellow warning on the home page in the last month telling us to update? Yep, although there is one specific build of TBB with FF version 10 that for some reason did not mention that.. But part of this Javascript attack was that it checked to see if you were running version The script checks for "document.

It also checks as an OR for "window. So the script doesnt give a damn what version you have. Every mozilla-based browser is targeted not only firefox. It works for every single FF version under the updated one. Are you saying that the TBB released after June 26 are also vulnerable to the attack? This seems to go against everything I have read regarding this attack.

You are half-correct. You are talking about the script that injects the iframe. The actual exploit loaded into the iframe only attacks Firefox To be redundant here, Well, that makes me feel much better. I highly recommend it:.

Honestly, same goes for Windows users, why not use tails? Like many others, I use Tails whenever possible. Simple enough to answer. Connections and bandwidth. Not everybody in the world, and especially in rural areas of one country in particular that prides itself on being a leader in technology, has access to broadband or even reasonably fast internet. The large developer and security analysis community around Tails, compared to the voice-in-the-wilderness aspect of Whonix?

If only they would pull their heads out of their asses and disable javascript by default. Spot on mate. I always forget to update Tor. It would be nice if Tor had an auto update option. It appears as if the exploit was cut down from a broader attack. How sure are you of that, are you one of the experts who tried it themselves, or could you link a source please?

In fact, get anything including index. It does not specifically check for a version. It even executes on FF If the malware can go through though.. I dont think anyone can actually test that practically. The iframe is injected in any mozilla-browser.

The exploit in the iframe only runs on Firefox Cautiously assume all Firefox versions since 3. Make sure that you: - are checking for security updates whether automatically or manually at LEAST once-a-day - are downloading and installing said updates as soon as they become available - discontinue using anything as soon as security updates are no longer issued for it.

Also, updating should be a one-click affair. Please help! Forced updates are very, very bad as they can be exploited. Just think somebody breaking into the update mechanism could then attack all users successfully. One-click is about as bad. Security comes with some effort you need to invest and some level of constant vigilance.

Still, many people will still not update unless forced to, even if there are very clear warnings that are hard to overlook. But forcing upgrades will put everyone at risk and is hence unacceptable. There are people that will be careless under any circumstances and nothing can be done about that, it just has to be accepted that there are people that cannot be kept safe. Forced updates when done properly are very very hard to exploit What i mean is this This is nothing new I think the solution is to simply disable javascript and make a warning dialog popup whenever you try to enable it.

If you are stupid enough to enable javascript even with a big red warning dialog that warns you that you are fucking yourself up then you just deserve it. Also the program should warn the user that a new version is available but without links to automatic download any content. So the user has to go to the official website and download the official release. How many of those who do carefully read-through all the code are expert enough to detect anything rogue in it? And, finally, how many of those who carefully read through all the code and are expert enough to detect anything rogue in it and are looking for such would ALSO report and publicize it should they find anything suspicious?

I personally would love a hash checker that would check for several hashes. It is much harder to fool several hashes than to only fool one by the length of one hash multiplied by the other s approximately.. Anyway I wish the load would generate the hash and allow you to check the hashes of other programs and check them with those found in whatever source s you wish to point them to. Who was it that said that difficulty directly reduces security. Yes I would consider running an update button before I would download a new version for a number of reasons.

Its not a case of doing it properly. It wouldnt be the first time, an auto updater updates malware without you knowing. And a company cant assure anyone that this wont happen any time. If they do, they simply lie to your face. This really sounds dumb. First you want to "force" your ineptitude with technology on other users, and then want to blame Tor developers by accusing them of not fulfilling a duty to others. Man, you just love to play the blame game and evade responsibility for your own actions.

These are decisions "you" make. Learn to live within your technical means, and let the rest of us live within ours. This is how I start off, and I then I make decisions on a site per site basis eg. Do I really trust this site?? Disabling JavaScript by default, then allowing a few websites to run scripts, is especially bad for your anonymity: the set of websites which you allow to run scripts is very likely to uniquely identify your browser.

The idea, I think, is that since TOR has javascript enabled by default, you can hide amongst all the other TOR users running their system on default by also keeping your JS enabled. Basically, you stay anonymous by hiding in a crowd. Keeping JS disabled everywhere makes you part of a smaller crowd of TOR users who have their JS disabled and selectively enabling for some sites and not for others makes your browser settings unique, giving you no crowd to hide in, which is very bad when you are trying to remain anonymous.

From an anonymity perspective, it makes sense. But I will agree, that definitely does not make you safer, especially if you are running a Windows OS on a privileged account. But that can also be avoided by running your OS on a low security setting, especially if that OS is not Windows.

JS can deploy self-executing exploits all day long on a linux system running at a low security level and do nothing. But once as much as can be reasonably expected has been done to warn, then the responsibility rests upon the user who ignores the warning. If the warning: a is practically impossible to miss, AND, b explicitly the conveys the danger of continuing to use the deprecated TBB,. You are strongly urged to update immediately. So i am running 2. So it took "them" about 4 weeks from the patch Firefox was patched a day earlier to an implemented larger-scale attack.

Not too bad for a bureaucracy. But this also clearly says the Tor project is not to blame. Being 4 weeks behind with security patches is unacceptable for something like Tor, and the mozilla folks called the vulnerability "critical". This vulnerability does not even really qualify as 0-day, even if the mozilla advisory just says "crash, can possibly be exploited". Through TOR.

Oath Keepers then notified FBI. I use the Vidalia package form last year with a FF version 10x. Is my setup at risk from this exploit? So for my question: Does the script just tell the server the site you got it from e. Tormail and your real IP or does it track all the browsing of the current session? Sorry for the stupid question, but one thing would be interesting for me: I had an older version of TBB installed until friday, but JavaScript was globally disabled.

Can i be affected? I wish Mozilla would take memory safety more seriously. Critical infrastructure and at least a great deal of the critical data that has been placed onto the Internet should never have been. Yet another example of what happens when you allow the "Free Market" to dictate; to be the arbiter, etc. What about the pluggable transport version obfsproxy for Tor? I believe that version of firefox is Also, for us non-techs, would we actually know that the browser was affected, if something took place.

Any explanation would help. Question: In a German newspaper they say that you tor-developers suggest not to turn off javascript. The newspaper states that it would be more suspicous then protecting. What can you say about javascript. I disabled it for all sites because of possible attacks like this. The Tor Bundle ships with Firefox as the browser, and includes the NoScript extension to Firefox that blocks scripting if the site is not in a user-maintained whitelist. The problem is that disabling JavaScript by default breaks browsing for people who want to access sites that require JavaScript to work correctly.

Most Tor users are simply concerned with anonymity, which means not having their actual IP address available to the site they are viewing. When you go through Tor, the origin address the other side sees is your Tor exit node, not your real IP. If you run the Tor bundle, click Addons. In the Addons window, select NoScipt, and click the Options button. Uncheck the "Scripts allowed globally" box. JavaScript will now be off by default.

NoScript will warn you if it has blocked JavaScript execution when you visit a site. Great explanation, but one further note -- you say "if you trust the site", but if the site is giving you content over http, then you really mean "if you trust the site, and also the network connection between you and site".

Rough world out there. That said, raising the bar does help. Unfortunately those who trusted the sites hosted on Freedom Hosting, and added them to a white list, got caught by this exploit. After today, JavaScript must be off in TOR at all times, because new vulnerabilities like this will pop up in the future. If you want to be private, you have to disable JS, no matter how trusted and secure a site may be.

There is no way around it now. FH was a trusted, untraceable onion hidden service.. TOR must ban JS completely starting today. If you use JS you can be caught by such buffer overflow exploits, and your real identity will be revealed. One should consider if banning JS from all browsers is not the right thing to do.

If any malicious executable code can be run at will by JS, imagine what this could do in the hands of criminals. It could install a keylogger on your pc with ease and gain access to your bank accounts, or worse. Another enormous vector is svg and pngs -- it is absolute crazy-talk to just blindly accept images from websites and render them. No reasonable person would allow images to load in their browser. The number of recent vulnerabilities in libpng alone should be enough to convince you. That said, I sound like a paranoid maniac in the above paragraph.

But hopefully it will make you stop and think. How did we get to this point in browser security, and how do we recover from it? Problem is, you want a browser that the dumb masses can use in every dumb web site Re: How do we recover from it? The best defense is a good offense. It is probably impossible to prevent all hostile surveillance - either by government or the private sector.

But, you might consider making it worthless. Send me meaningless messages, and I will just ignore and delete them. Suppose you developed an application that waited for your computer to be dormant for a certain period, then composed totally junk email using random words from a dictionary, and sent those messages to random people who use the application by using the application, you would consent to randomly receiving a bunch of junk.

You would clog surveillance servers with nonsense. Again, the surveillance folks would be clogged with junk. Now, if you want to make things interesting, search "phony research papers" and you find a site at MIT where you can enter your name and it will crank out a phony technical research paper. Total nonsense. Use those for the email messages. Want to make it more interesting, encrypt all the email with PGP. For those - like me - who are truly malicious, generate the phony research paper, then use a word processor to change one of key words in the paper to "uranium deuteride," "virtual cathode oscillator," "high purity fluorine," "10 guage, high purity aluminum tubing, 3 inch ID," etc.

So, just to make it "easier" to browse, TBB effectively facilitated this attack by having JS on my default despite cries for it to be disabled? Tails devs refused point blank to even add a bootcode to start Iceweasel with javascript off! Did I not read above that if you had the most recent release of the TBB that you were immune to this attack? What it means is users should always make sure that they are using the latest release. The secure mode would automatically be enabled for.

If you select the risky mode on non-Tor sites you should get a warning "Are you sure? There is a decent chance you will be putting yourself at risk" with continue, cancel options. The advice given in the final two paragraphs of the above post explicitly and completely contradicts that given in the Tor Project FAQ : all emphasis mine "we recommend that even users who know how to use NoScript leave JavaScript enabled if possible, because a website or exit node can easily distinguish users who disable JavaScript from users who use Tor Browser bundle with its default settings thus users who disable JavaScript are less anonymous.

I am absolutely appalled that arma not only effectively endorsed, in general , this post that so contradicts the FAQ maintained by her organization but actually went-on, in a subsequent post, to clearly imply endorsement, specifically , of selective enabling of JavaScript while using Tor:. Thats bullshit that if you disable JS you will be less anonymous. Just check EFF site doing browser fingerpainting. You have roughly none of them with that set-up.

Noscript should be enabled by default or javascript should be disabled by default in tor browser bundle. I would also say I thought the same thing but I realized something so now I am not so sure that this was true with the TBB, but it was true with Vidalia Bundle which for some insane reason you no longer maintain and i have to add Polio in myself. I think that is the confusion. The default home page already does detect if you are actually using TOR and if better versions are available.

You could at least add a JavaScript add to detect and inform people that it is enabled. It can be easy to forget right after an update yet could cost them dearly. If they prefer it disabled then a simple how to could help yes I know it takes about 2 clicks but many users are tech impaired. Having NoScript disabled by default does make a certain sense in that is more usable by the tech impaired, yet there is a disconnect here when you consider the current method of PGP checking not that I recall noticing much good instruction on your site to begin with.

Sure it is easy enough for the technically inclined like myself, but what is the point of the average user getting into TOR while being so vulnerable to a compromised client? Not all these people will understand how to know the difference and good luck to the non-English speaking activists trying to figure out how to use PGP.

I am working on this myself - mentally at this point. I may slap something good together that will help the less tech adept. It would be better though more trustworthy if you guys handed this. It would not really be that hard. Another thing you might consider is an installer which ASKS people if they prefer things more secure or more compatible with websites.

Depending on the question, pre-configure TBB as they have chosen. As for "it would not be that hard" for the PGP thing, consider that our current instructions for WIndows users start with "download gnupg. Windows users are screwed at a very deep level. If you have good answers, the world wants to know them.

Waaait a minute. You acknowledge that TBB never shipped with Javascript disabled, but then you say that the old Vidalia bundle did? The Vidalia bundle never included a browser! And the old Torbutton Firefox extension never shipped with Javascript disabled by default. I think a lot of the confusion stems from people very long ago being confused between Java and Javascript.

Also, very long ago before Torbutton , there were open questions about what privacy-invasive things Javascript could using the legitimate API, I mean do to you. Torbutton addressed many of them. NoScript is is enabled by default in both Tor Browser Bundle as well as Tails but set to allow scripts globally. Even in this configuration, NoScript still provides certain protections, such as blocking cross-site scripting XSS attacks[1].

Obviously, allowing scripts globally cannot provide anywhere near the same level of protection as the selective whitelisting model that is the normal default behavior of NoScript. The primary reason that has been given is usability; the functionality of many-- if not most web sites-- is heavily dependent upon JavaScript, often critically so. An additional reason that has been given both by Tor as well as Tails officials concerns "fingerprintability". I believe-- but am not certain-- that NoScript would protect against this threat-- even in the default Tails and TBB configuration where scripts are allowed globally.

Not sure if I am right about this, but over the past few months, I have been closely watching the following conversations -- all quite public in blog. Maybe there is a need for a public funding campaign, perhaps, to address certain ongoing security issues discussed in that post? Supposedly Tor is looking for a lead software engineer and would like to hire more people. People ask questions about Dingledine.

I think one way to address this meaningfully is for the Tor project to lean more on crowdfunding mechanisms to and more frequent appeals to the user base through social fora to participate in financing efforts to support and fix Tor. Or perhaps you did not read the context of my post above, which had nothing to do with whether or not someone is updating something and everything to do with the issues of torbugs of all kinds and the problem of how to fund the fixing of them over time whenever they occur, whatever they are.

Also, I suggest reading this -- just for fun relevant to both java and javascript issues, which I think will be a long running discussion and are in no way settled :. How is Javascript different than Java? What is NoScript? TBB is designed to be standalone and not care what else is on your system. If you mean "I hacked up some Chrome thing and hooked it up to Tor, am I safe?

I have the latest TBB. Any idea what is going on? I have a 2. I am a spaz. Thank you for your prompt reply and kind assistance. There was a message up about server maintenance, but that is gone. I read that the exploit only effected versions 17 and 18 of FF - I am running Is this a browser that would be effected by the exploit?

It seems that the US police state has learned the ip addresses of people all over the world who committed the non-crime of visiting a bunch of websites. The US police state has hacked into computers of people living all over the world. What is the US state planning to do with the information they stole?

We do try to keep up with browser updates for TBB, yes. People who updated were fine. Find the version you were using if you can, maybe its still hanging around somewhere - the compressed installer. Find those numbers attached to it and line them up with the content of this blog.

On or around July 30, , while I was at a certain website, my Tor Browser displayed a yellow ribbon just below the menu bar. In order to implement a crucial fix, this update resets your HTTPS Everywhere rule preferences to their default values. The version of the TBB that I was using at the time is the latest version. My OS is Microsoft Windows 8, bit.

That message is completely harmless. Same here. Interested if anyone else saw this or knows what it is about. I got the same message! Why the need to "reset to default values"? What should one do if they cant remember whether or not they used TOR over the last couple of weeks? No there isnt any way. Tor is designed not to keep logs for your own safety. But seriously. If you cant remember whether or not you have used tor in the last week you should see a doctor. That depends. If you are using Windows then Windows uses an NTFS file system.

Assuming this is turned on, it will update with the last time you accessed a file. Right click on a file and choose properties. If it is turned off - the date will be the same as the created date. If it is turned on, it will be the last time you accessed the file. In the case of TBB, the last time you ran it. That can tell you or anyone with access to your computer when it was last ran. This is turned on by default in XP and I cannot remember if this is true of later versions of Windows.

Mine is turned off though and I suggest everyone turn theirs off. It is better that someone getting a hold of your computer does not know when the last time you access files is. But disabling this "feature" also improves Hard Drive performance and longevity since you are cutting out a write operation from every file read operation!

I expect disabling this would also help laptop battery life to some extent. It is a terrible "feature. I will add one more thing. If you use Truecrypt to protect sensitive information and you also utilize keyfiles music files are good but random recorded radio noise is better then this "feature" makes it very, very easy to figure out your keyfiles.

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What about "taking down" some of the legal, sanctioned, privileged mega corporations that promote, glamorize and glorify this poison? Re: "money laundering": Can whatever Tor may facilitate in this regard even hold a candle to the likes of the Wall Street banksters or even or especially the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, etc.

And the prison-industrial complex; the ways in which a number of entities directly benefit from a drug policy that results in mass incarceration is an absolutely critical aspect that cannot be overlooked in any discussion of these matters. A typical post from a typical Tor user. You are guys are really experts in this stuff. I am sorry you were hacked ;. Or said another way, the larger and broader the Tor user base gets, the less relevant this little subset is.

Why is that not mentioned in the article or in any articles for that matter? Why is this not investigated? There could have been another exploit, different from this one in that page, one that still works in the latest version. More data is needed. All the ones in red are bad news. And most of the ones in red came out after Firefox 10 was abandoned.

Not to be paranoid but how do we not know that old Tor versions are safe and the new versions are actually planted with back doors? Reproduce the build environment and build it on your own machine. Are you even sure that, should there be anything suspicious in the code, that you would recognize it?

Browser versions less than 17 WERE exploited by this. Does anybody know the contents of that file? Exactly, there is a lot of misinformation being spread on all official channels. But that is clearly not the case if you read the code. I wonder why it was never obtained? If my browser was safe but I had a separate instance of FF open elsewhere, can the malicious javascript bleed through and phone home to the FBI from there?

In a vulnerable browser, somebody could have written an exploit to take over your computer, and from there it could mess with any other running or not yet running applications. Since malicious client side scripts have no direct access to the underlying filesystem or OS of the client, they can not be transmitted across browsers.

However, if you have malicious bookmarks or addons installed and voluntarily transfer them, perhaps in ignorance, then the other browser is also vulnerable. And it depends if "malicious scripts installed" are at an OS level, or at a browser level. If something infects your OS, any application is vulnerable. So, with a older version of TBB with javascript disabled and ex on linux, a user would not be affected by this? Any knowledge as to whether EMET would have prevented the exploit from running?

Nobody has talked about this but the enhanced mitigation features are useful under Windows and should be common practice. People know it affected us through Javascript, because specifically it was a Javascript attack when visiting those sites. Events happened in the order of. Visit infected site 2. Malicious Javascript code awaits you, it attempts to launch! No, I saw the same message a couple of days ago and I was prodding around FH to see what was going on but noscript was always on.

Thing is, I updated my TBB today to It says "to implement a crucial fix https has reset to default rules" or similar. This is 64bit linux. A few days ago I also had this bar showing up. IIRC it was displayed as soon as the browser started and visited the check. I also made screenshots of this event. Quoting the poster before me: all i want to know if this was sent from TOR or because of this exploit. That is what I wish to know too.

I was using the latest version of TBB at the time when I received the above "crucial fix" message but with JavaScript enabled. Did that bar pop up when you visited a know infected site? Or was it randomly some other time? I am unable to answer this question as there is no way for me to tell whether the site that gave me the "crucial fix" error has been infected or not.

I read that the sub-bar was one of the indicators that the exploit had been run on your browser. Sorry, you might want to nuke your hard drives :. Probably it was part of the last update of the extension. I got that popup after getting the newest TOR bundle today.

I disabled JS and all the other things and did not visit the infected sites on this new bundle. Was the update official or it was an attack? I even clicked it. I use FF It is not related to any exploit. It is not put there by any website one visited.

Sorry if this has been asked already, but I only downloaded the Tor Browser Bundle a few days ago, so I presume I had the latest browser version, I just checked, and Javascript was enabled. For non-Tor browsing, I use Firefox Am I safe from this exploit?

Anon: "Would running Tails with Iceweasel They do work with NSA but also many other government agencies source: I used to work for them! The link in that article to the robtex. Can Torproject please fix the check. Also, the notion that half the hidden services were hosted by FH is likely bunk. This TOR exploit thingy. Will it grab the ip of your computer on that network, like It grabs your hostname e.

There is no reason to let the Tor Browser process or indeed, any process run by that user speak to the Internet. Is it another process vidalia? If so, yes a firewall blocking tor browser outbound would be a really good idea. I was assuming Tor Browser itself makes the connection. So to prevent future exploits of this type, could torproject maybe show downloaders how to set the Windows firewall properly to block all outgoing connections it allows all by default except allow tor.

And mention if a window ever pops up to allow tbb-firefox. The other answer is to run Tails in a VM on Windows, if you really need to be running Windows in the first place. Hi, Once again sorry for being redundant, but I thought I would ask a broader question hoping that it would answer a lot of questions. If someone had Windows 7, Tor Browser Bundle 2.

No, the exploit was fixed in One question.. I have the ESR version The vulnerability was fixed in firefox So you are not at risk. So if one had turned off javascript on ones pre v 17 browser, that would have stopped the exploit from executing? Do we know Has somebody tested it against this particular exploit? I know as a programmer myself we like to indicate a bug is "fixed" but it really needs to be tested by others.

Any law experts around? Assuming this illegal exploit worked, what could they do with the IP list? Is a couple random visits to FH sites like, exploring hidden wiki links enough to warrant raids? Just wondering what exactly was the purpose of this illegal exploit, because clearly not all affected are guilty, even if they did visit some of the illegal sites once or twice by mistake or due to curiosity.

A raid on them would destroy their lives nevertheless. Can this list be used against international citizens? Would international agencies accept tips obtained this way? The code did change multiple times, did it not? And parts of it are not yet obtained. I am positive that this exploit is a small part of an overarching federal project. The NSA are doing the fishing in order to be able to connect the dots at a later date. They are looking for a couple hundreds of big fish, not thousands of small fish.

Apparently nobody knows what was in it, because it was never obtained. Because the code did not exit but loaded this page, one has to assume another version of this, or another exploit was indeed executed on Firefox versions below Therefore all the news and security reports that specifically claim this attack targeted version 17 only, are wrong. Would Request Policy block this attack? Or maybe Request Policy handled iframes differently than the main page?

Somebody would need to investigate. For those of us just hearing about Tor for the first time, help me understand this in non computer tech terms And if someone used Tor Bundle on windows during this time frame but had that little S in the top left corner clicked so a circle with a line was through it, are they still at risk?

Or did that turn off their script stuff? The presumable owner of Freedom Host was arrested July 29th and the malicious code was first noticed on August 4th. If you have the little "S" with a red slash through it, it is blocking scripts from executing and you are highly unlikely to have been affected.

When 2. Yes, but did the. Read the advisory for details. While the TBB may have made it easier for people to use Tor a good thing it has also made Tor into one big honeypot. The situation before TBB was that Tor users had basically no chance to secure themselves against a wide array of known attacks at the browser level.

At least in this case we learned about the issue, and put out a patch that users could upgrade to, more than a month before it was exploited. If we lived in a world where there existed a mainstream browser Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, something that actually addressed these application-level privacy attacks, I think this would be a worthwhile discussion to have. That sure would be nice to fix. In any any event, you and I agree on the fundamentals.

Now they are real. I see them as all equally bad. I am, and have been, running it for some time now. Probably Unrelated, Huh. Whatever it was has also Killed my Relay setup entirely Perhaps worse than that, every time I attempt to access certain of the now defunct. TemplarKnight tormail.

I guess you have some list that you think is the entirety of the Tor hidden service list, and not many of those are reachable for you? But at the same time, it sounds like your computer is broken in all sorts of ways? Sounds like you might want a reinstall, and maybe with a safer operating system. B "why [ They just took our name to try to trick people into thinking they were legitimate.

And then they did a good enough job at never being reachable when we tried to contact them about it. YES, I went through SIX lists and I do realize that they did not encompass the entirety of the Onion HS sites, but I have been doing this for several months on a weekly basis and my estimate is fairly accurate. The fact of the matter is that TOR Mail did work well enough that it became the accepted standard for secure email communications in the world.

TOR will never be compromised by the Intelligence Mega-plex, simply because they use it themselves That is correct. Tor has not and will not be compromised as long as big corporations, businesses and government agencies use it. I feel safe enough using Tor Browser Bundle by itself with scripts disabled. I think I downloaded tor within the dates in the advisory, but not sure. Click here to go to the download page". Is there any way that the exploit could still have run, as the advisory states that "the attack appears to collect the hostname and MAC address of the victim computer, send that to a remote webserver over a non-Tor connection, and then crash or exit.

The exploit does attempt to run on I need to report that five customers and counting have similar issues with tor-browser: 1. They had tor-browser crashes and windows reboots reported in early July. Why assume it is unrelated to the attacks in late July. All of these systems had up-to-date browsers with the most secure setting script etc. All show, after the window OS rebooted, MS was eager to send you a possible fix. Is MS involved in this matter?

Why not? Remember, the FEDS have full access, and they are the good guys. All via MS. They know who might be using the tor browser, based on the Metadata gathered, and the OS used as well. None of them had this problem prior to using the tor-browser back one year or more. All used the browser for the first time very recently, because of the Snowden leaks. Dear FBI, I hijacked your exploit and started loading CP sites through Tor, each time I had the exploit code delivered but firewall rules and other mitigation techniques prevented it from phoning home, simultaneously with this I injected your exploit in users traffic through their clearnet exit nodes, framing them for viewing the CP.

I did this a great many times, always taking care to clear cookies and use a new circuit to your compromised hidden services. I started doing this almost as soon as I recognized what was going on, and has added what I imagine must be significant noise to your database of suspected pedophiles. Fact, many FBI or alike agents that work with cp all day end up with problems, and many of them end up getting caught with possession of cp! I would just like to clarify that I run multiple exit nodes, they are not part of a family and I will not name them.

My exit nodes carry traffic for a great many Tor users every day, and I have randomly exposed them to your exploit during the duration of your operation. I am not going to reveal the exact way in which I did this, but suffice to say I have seriously contaminated your database of harvested IP addresses. That said I would also like to warn all users of Tor that you are very possibly in the database of the FBI even if you never loaded a child porn hidden service. I did this in order to confound their operation and provide plausible deniability to all targeted Tor users.

I apologize in advance if the FBI kicks your doors down, but perhaps after they realize a great many of their targets are in fact not involved with CP, they will realize that their operation was a failure.

If someone was always using the then most current version of TBB, would they have been at risk on any day? As a user of Tormail, is there any way to find out if my real IP information has leaked out? Freedom of information request to the FBI?

Name address, bank account and any other info that they have. We have been royaly shafted. Right, true. Unfortunately I have missed the update and used But I have the script blocker activated an usually no script is carried out. Is there a risk that this attack can overcome this mechanism? But I think cookies can be received without having script enabled.

Because v I also saw one cookie, under Torbutton cookie Protections, but it was maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.

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How to Install Tor Browser in Windows 10

What: Enable Android and Java applications to easily host their own Tor Onion Proxies using the core Tor binaries. Just by including an AAR or JAR an app can launch and manage the Tor OP as well as start a hidden service. Tor – браузер позволяющий сохранить свою анонимность в интернете. Скрипты - основная причина, раскрывающих личность пользователя, поэтому по умолчанию они отключены. В статье, рассмотрим, как включить javascript в Tor Browser. О сервисе Прессе Авторские права Связаться с нами Авторам Рекламодателям.